Advanced Analytics

Leverage Advanced Analytics to Acquire and Engage with Clients

Explore how we can add value to your business using advanced analytics methodologies, turning huge volumes of data into deep insights to drive upwards growth. There are five to six main phases in the customer journey, which can be simplified using advanced analytics.

Every stage of the customer identification journey demands critical decision-making, which can help in driving growth initiatives. Our simple approach to identifying key customers comprises the following

  • Demand & Supply Analytics: We use data analytics to predict demand depending upon different factors. The process begins with identifying the key factors that impact demand.
  • Opportunity Mix Assortment: With the help of data analytics, we help businesses in identifying and maintaining an optimal assortment of products to sell. Not all products can have demand all the time. Hence, it is important for a business to identify the right mix of products that can generate perennial demand.
  • Propensity Analysis: Based on the insights derived from internal and external data, we help in identifying the right customer for the right product, ensuring there are no biases. 
  • Prospect Modeling: We carry out a thorough process of prospect analytics and prospect modeling, we help organizations identify the right prospects easily, thereby reducing the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Digital Analytics: Our experienced analytics professionals analyze digital data from different sources such as, mobile applications, websites, etc. to better understand and segment users and their behavioral patterns.

With the power of data analytics, we assist our clients in engaging with their target audience, using some of the concepts below 

  • Lead Scoring: We identify leads based on our extensive data analysis and help our clients better understand which leads have the best chances of converting into loyal customers.
  • Channel Attribution: As most organizations employ different channels to attract customers, it is important to have an insight as to which channel is performing well. We not only help in identifying the best channel for conversions and but also recommend which combination of channels would be best for lead conversion.
  • Persona Mapping: With persona mapping, we aid in better understanding the different personas of target customers, which in turn allows us to create more personalized strategies for each persona. This is completely based on analyzing the various profiles of a company’s target audience.

We formulate strategies for customer acquisition after identifying and engaging with the target audience includes the following approaches

  • Win Loss Analytics: The goal of this analysis is to understand the reason why some prospects did not convert into customers. Analyzing the reasons and conditions help in getting actionable insights so that the same treatment is not given to subsequent prospects, which results in a better conversion rate.
  • Sales Goaling: It is an analytical approach to estimate and understand the potential of each account (prospective client) by region and use this intelligence for sales forecasting. This helps in improving your monthly revenue, enhance customer lifetime value, increase profit margins, and reduce customer acquisition costs going forward. 
  • Pricing Analysis: Our robust analytical framework helps business units in understanding how the changes in pricing will impact the demand for products /services in the market. 

Our analytics plan to forecast demand and inventory and provide insights to organization in delivering seamless services to customers, towards market demands ensuring the following

  • Delivery Estimates: The analysis of the already present data helps in deciding how much time the delivery in a specific area will take. With this data at hand, organizations effectively communicate with its customers, keeping them informed about when they will receive their delivery. 
  • Demand Forecasting: It is a time series-based solution that helps predict the number of units that will be sold based on the patterns from previous transactions. It is important to forecast demand based on past sales figures. And we can help you with accurate analysis for the same.
  • Logistics Analytics: We conduct different analytical procedures to scrutinize and synchronize the logistical functions to ensure a smooth flow of operations in a cost-effective manner.

In today’s dynamic economic environment, Organizations may find it difficult to exist in the absence of customers. As customers play a vital role to thrive and grow the business, it is important to use retention analysis to understand how businesses can retain more of their customers. 

  • Churn Analytics: Analyzing customer data to predict whether existing customers will be renewing the existing product license or not. We can provide an extensive analysis which will give deep insights into the behavior of the customers, which will help the businesses predict churn better.
  • Review Intelligence: This approach focuses on performing text mining techniques to generate intelligence from customer feedback. The feedback shared by customers can be in the form of blogs, reviews, comments, or critics. We can help Business derive accurate inferences of what the customers really think or feel about the product or service. The real analysis of customer data can help formulate strategies in their favor so that they continue to stick to your product or service, going forward.
  • Customer Segments: The main focus is on segregating the customers into different segments like high value, high loyal, or low value which is useful for correct analysis of customer data. 

Our data analytics services and solutions can enable your core team with actionable intelligence to expand the reach of your business by tracking the business and customer goals proactively. We facilitate the following

  • Product Selection: This approach helps to analyze the product ranking in the market and how to outperform with the competitors. This process involves in the analysis of all the data related to your product or service.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: In this activity, we create an analytical scorecard to predict the amount of money that can be generated from the existing customer for a well-defined period. We analyze the likelihood of a customer increasing his wallet share or not, and whether the customer would remain loyal to your product or service, or not.
  • GoldSpace Analytics: This Activity works for the betterment of sales using techniques like gold space analytics which can help cross-sell or up-sell products and services to existing customers.

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