The journey of digital transformation is constantly evolving; it is impacting the way people and technology merge to drive businesses.

Organizations need high-quality data analytics services to take the first step towards digital transformation. A reliable partner makes the digital transformation journey more seamless and less vulnerable to risks. We are the partner that organizations can bank upon for the digital transformation endeavors.

Who Are We?

We are a next-gen global IT solutions provider that was founded in 2015. At InitiateFirst, we help organizations make data-driven decisions. Working with data and churning business solutions based on deep and accurate analysis is our forte. We are capable of providing AI-powered solutions to complex business problems that your business may be facing.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in the domain of data and analytics. Analyzing loads of data is critical and we help our clients for better understanding the past events and predict the prospects entirely based on accurate data analysis. Our experienced professionals cater to the ever-growing data analytics needs of our clients, right from the planning stages to the transformation and execution stages. Also, we propose an optimal course of action so that the transformation process does not seem to be too overwhelming for our clients.

Client-Centric Focus

Our aim is to partner with our clients and transform them into data-centric organizations. At every layer of the transformation journey, we work closely with our clients to guide them in delivering meaningful insights. We ensure that our clients’ business reaches new heights with the help of sound technology, as we constantly strive to add value to your business. We maintain high technical standards and ensure smooth and on-time delivery of all your projects, be it a data-engineering project, a data analytics project or a multiyear digital transformation engagement. We believe in a long-term strategic collaboration as a result of which continuous improvement is our key focus. Our technology-driven approach helps you in deriving the best solutions for the most complex business challenges.



Our DNA consists of AI, ML, advanced analytics, data engineering, BI & visualization and other technical and business capabilities which help in resolving end-to-end business problems. We enable collective intelligence to connect various business functions through operationalization of analytics and a closely-knitted loop of data and business value. We develop business process maps and KPIs to evaluate, measure and analyze our clients’ business performance and provide timely recommendations for continuous improvement. Armed with AI-powered algorithms and forecast tools, we help you predict future demand.

We help in continuously evolving and amplifying the business value. With an AI-based approach, we help businesses with faster and more accurate decisions across the board. We always work towards making businesses excel with tangible, easier, and sustainable solutions.