Who we are

InitiateFirst was established in 2015

Headquartered at Cheyenne in USA with a vision of expansion.

InitiateFirst Information Services is a dynamic company passionate about latest and next generation technology. We are continuously seeking new world projects. Our seasoned subject matter experts ensure superior practices for high performance computing and scalability. InitiateFirst’s experienced leadership will enable you to efficiently adapt to new business processes. Focusing on the client’s critical issues and pain points enables InitiateFirst to convert them into opportunities and integrated solutions.

We are selective in choosing our projects as we want to focus on the ones that can truly utilize our expertise and forte to full potential. Our domain and technology specialists possess the skill and experience that will produce effective results in the selective projects. We possess the right expertise and zeal, and look forward to serving esteemed clients.

Our current prominent in-house project called Priority Traffic Signals (PTS) is based on the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. In our quest for advance and next generation technologies, InitiateFirst spends significant time and resources in research and development. The project PTS focuses on RF tags, readers, hardware (products using RFID technology) and software.

Our Vision

We believe that “Service” and a “Service Attitude” to customers form the basis of the business. We have a passion for Excellence with the highest standards of “Service”

Our Mission

To provide our customers the best in class strategic IT business solutions for their unique business needs resulting in clear business transformation

Our Value

Our core values encapsulate Integrity, Reliability, Responsibility, Result Driven and Work Ethics